Motley Crue Fan Says “Kickstart My Heart” is the Reason He Got a Speeding Ticket

Although the officer listening to the same song wasn't driving 90 mph

January 9, 2019

Do you ever hear a song that gets you so excited you find yourself subconsciously starting to drive faster and faster? If not, you’re probably not listening to the right music.

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The classic case of accidentally speeding to your favorite song was apparently what happened to this Motley Crue fan. The driver was pulled over for driving 90 mph though the Canadian province of Manitoba, a town with little enough traffic to even reach that speed in the first place.  

Why was he driving so fast? He was listening to “Kickstart My Heart” on the radio. His argument is backed by a guitar intro that mirrors the sound of a speeding car… and the word “Kickstart” in the title.  

In a Facebook post shared by the Manitoba police, the officer wrote that he knew the story checked out because he was listening to the same station. Does truth equate to it being a reasonable excuse? Nope. “Fined $639. #noexcuses,” he wrote of the heafty fine that comes out to around 482 USD.