Longview: Rock Photographer Bob Gruen Shares Shots of Green Day

October 7, 2019
Photo by Bob Gruen

“For me, rock and roll is all about freedom. It’s about the freedom to express your feelings very loudly in public. And that goes for the band singing it loud and causing everybody else to get into that feeling, and then all the fans just screaming.”

Preeminent rock and roll photographer Bon Gruen’s shots of superstars worldwide have ended up on everything from posters to postage stamps, gallery walls to groupie t-shirts. Throngs of rock and photo fans flock to his exhibitions held in cities from London to Buenos Aires. The list of rock royalty captured by Gruen’s lens is long: John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Clash, Kiss, The Sex Pistols, Sting, Bob Dylan, Blondie, etc., etc., etc.

The focus – and title – of Gruen’s latest book of photographs is Green Day (available now). Throughout its nearly 180 pages, the book takes fans behind-the-scenes and backstage for an all-access look at the trio which has sold millions of albums and spellbound millions of fans worldwide. I recently spoke with Gruen about the book, his background and the marriage of sound and vision.

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