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Northern Lights in Oregon?

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July 15, 2017


Aurora Borealis,  in Oregon?


Kgon listeners can practice looking up for the solar eclipse next month with a possible sighting of the Northern Lights here in Oregon. 


Friday's strong solar flare is sending charged particles to the earth's polls. The result is a possible sighting of The Northern Lights as far down as our vicinity here in the Portland area. If these lights do become visible, your best chance to see them was last night and tonight before midnight.   . Be sure to get away from as much light pollution as possible for the best odds.


Here's more info on the solar flare:



This link has hourly Aurora Borealis visibility updates:



And while we are on the subject of sky gazing.... don't forget to buy the 5 pack of solar eclipse glasses for 10 bucks at Portland Perks (http://www.getmyperks.com/category/portland_currentdeals) before next month. Here in Portland we will have a chance to experience the eclipse at 98% so you need these glasses!