Gary Bydlo

Peter Criss (KISS): R&R HOF Was 'Right' to Only Induct Original Members

Rock Hall's 'Dilemma' Not Limited to Just KISS

May 4, 2017

As the years roll on, and more heritage, classic bands are inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (or Shame, depending on your point of view), a 'Dilemma' of sorts, has arisen; which band members from a band receiving the honor are the "correct" individuals? As some bands, not all, have had shifting personnel, replacements due to death, personal conflicts, or whatever leads bands to splinter, the 'current' line-up of a band doesn't always reflect the 'original' line-up. So the question now becomes, "Who gets in?," and "Who gets to share in the honor?"

Previous inductees to the RRHOF that have had this situation occur include this year's Honorees, YES and JOURNEY, as well as past recipients like The Ramones, Deep Purple, and KISS. PETER CRISS, an original member of KISS, is of the opinion that the RRHOF got it "right" when the 4 original KISS members were inducted, saying, “We’re the guys who started it, we’re the guys who got [together] back in ’72 playing in the loft. We’re the guys who put on the make-up; we’re the guys who made it with the make-up. We’re the guys who came out with all the earlier – all the first five big albums. Definitely the four of us should only be inducted.” (Read that interview HERE)

Taking the other side of the argument, GENE SIMMONS advocated including the KISS band members who contributed to the band's legacy afterwards, and although those guys (Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, & Tommy Thayer) had spent considerable time in the band, Simmon's appeal for their inclusion was not taken into consideration. Moving forward, there are bound to be other examples of this 'dilemma' and it will be interesting to see how it is handled.