Trans-Siberian Orchestra not coming to Portland

But...Wizards of Winter, former band members, are going to play Revolution Hall in December

August 23, 2017

Iris Harrison Collection

It's been a heartbreaking year in the world of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  The amazing and generous Paul O'Neill died on April 5th, and I felt like I'd lost a member of my own family.  Paul was the reason that the Community Transitional School would get those big checks from the band.  One dollar of every ticket sold went to a local charity, and for as long as KGON has been involved with promoting the show, the school got the money.  Last year was the most ever collected from the combined afternoon and evening shows.  We were all looking forward to another great concert as we looked ahead to the 2017 Christmas season.  

When Paul died, I contacted Kenny from the TSO family, and asked if the show would go on without it's bold and visionary leader.  He assured me it would.  And it is.  But because of scheduling, they can't make a Portland show work out.  This was like taking Christmas away.  The Rose Garden Arena was the first hall of it's size to be used for the larger than life show that it has become over the years.  Lasers, pyro, moving stages, was all part of the "over the top" visual spectacle that only complimented the talented musicians with a Christmas theme.  

Every year, I plan who I will take to the show with me.  It's a carefully thought out plan.  I love to expose people to the show who have never seen it.  I also love to take people who can't afford the ticket.  Or those who LOVE it (like my Godson) and will go every year.  This year, it's either going to be a road trip, or miss it entirely.  

Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be playing the Matt Knight Arena in Eugene on November 26th because the Phil Knight Invitational Basketball Tournament will be taking up residence in the Moda Center for days.  The days that TSO had open for Portland. Click here to link to the whole schedule for TSO. 

This is how they closed the tour last year in Seattle.  With Paul Rodgers.  

They are still playing Seattle this year, on Saturday, November 25th.  You can road trip there, or down to Eugene.  Whatever works.

Now, for those of you who can't do the road trips, here's something that may make it a bit better.  The Wizards of Winter are a group of former members of TSO and they are doing their own holiday show.  This year they will be at Revolution Hall on December 10th.  I'm sure the music will be wonderful, but if you were planning on lasers and pyro, I don't think that's part of it.  

I may go to both shows because I can't get enough of that holiday stuff.  One a road trip, and one here in town that's a bit different.  

I just wish Paul was still alive and planning for the next decade of shows.