So, Halloween is over, but Day of the Dead is not!

Some more celebrating you can do this week!

November 1, 2017

© Christopher Eng Wong | Dreamstime

I love visiting Mexico and have been there during their Day of the Dead celebration.  It's an amazing and respectful event.  When I first heard about it, I thought it was just an extention of Halloween, but it's something completely different.  In case you don't know what it's all about, here's a little description.  Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, and by people of Mexican ancestry living in other places. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey.  See, respectful.  Also the decorations are incredible.  

Click here for a link to find out where to find eight different celebrations of Dia de los Muertos.   In the Portland area!  

Some are even benefits for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Mexico, so you will be contributing to a good cause as well.  The holiday will be extended into the weekend for some of the events, and there's supposed to be dry weather on Saturday and Sunday.  

Love and respect to my family and friends who are on that spiritual journey.