Rose Festival is almost here!

With great weather ahead, and our own Street Elvis as Grand Marshall for the Starlight Parade, it's sort of perfect!

May 25, 2017

Iris Harrison

There’s something for everyone at Portland’s Rose Festival.  There’s  fireworks, rides, food, music, Dragon Boats, milk carton boat races, running events, a Queen and her court, and parades.  Ah, the parades.  The Grand Floral Parade is the second largest all floral parade in the U.S., and the Starlight Parade follows the Starlight Run the week before the floral parade.  Now, I’ve always preferred the Starlight Parade because it’s just a gathering of wild ideas that people have for their “floats” and that’s what makes it fun.  It’s not so deadly serious.  I mean, KGON has participated in this event with cars from Malibu Grand Prix (remember that place?), a Bluesmobile, a vintage fire engine we lovingly called the KGON’gine, and a monster truck pulling a trailer with a Harley that I got to sit on for the duration of the event.  We actually won The Mayor’s Award that year.  We invited listeners to join us on the parade route dressed as their favorite rock stars, so we had folks dressed as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Slash, Axl Rose, and a couple of Twisted Sisters walking the route with us.  The Keith guy mostly smoked and offered booze to the crowd.  It was priceless. 

So this year, when the festival committee, announced that Portland’s own Street Elvis was to be the Grand Marshall of the Starlight Parade, I was delighted.  I wish we had figured out an entry and been in the parade just to say we were in the one with the Street Elvis! 

The most fun I have at any Rose Festival event is people watching.  Oh there’s a good amount of that to be had at the CityFair!  From people in costume, to people that you realize are actually not in costume and dress that way all the time, it’s a feast for the eyes. 

So get out in the sun, enjoy the events, and find all the Rose Festival information HERE.  

Iris Harrison