Peace and Love for Ringo Starr on his birthday July 7th!

It's become a tradition, and this year is going to be something special for one person who will join him for brunch

June 26, 2017

© Kayasit Sonsupap


Every year since 2008, Ringo Starr has invited the world to say “Peace and Love” and throw the hand peace symbol at noon local time on his birthday, July 8th.  I love the idea.  You don’t have to go anywhere or say anything. You can post #PeaceandLove, say it or just think "Peace and Love," anywhere you are.  Maybe if we did this daily, it would be a better world. 

Three little words for Ringo. 

This year he’s going to have a very special brunch, and here’s more about it: 

In July 2000, we ran into Ringo and his entourage at the Minneapolis Airport while our family was returning from vacation.  We sent the kids running after him figuring that he would possibly give them an autograph or let them take a picture with him, but "his people" didn't allow that.  I get it.  It's a lifetime of being a BEATLE for God's sake.  Having people run after you all the time has got to get old.  

So let's just throw out some Peace and Love for Ringo on July 7th.