Concert Etiquette Again!

Don't pee on other concert goers.

August 8, 2017

© Wisconsinart | Dreamstime

At the Metallica show in Glendale, Arizona Saturday night (8/5/17) a family was surprised when a guy behind them began urinating on their backs.  Maybe surprised is the wrong word.  Disgusted. Yeah, that's more fitting.  

Police arrested 44-year-old Daniel Francis Daddio and charged him with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. According to the arrest report, the father complained to stadium employees that Daddio relieved himself on him, his wife and the couple's 10 year-old daughter instead of heading to a restroom. When the father confronted Daddio, the man just shrugged his shoulders.

Police said Daddio was heavily intoxicated and denied everything when arrested, but his concert ticket was for a seat directly behind the family.

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Thankfully, I've never been around when this particular thing happens at a concert, but I've seen the aftermath when the lights come up after a show at a huge venue, and there's proof it does.  After seeing Bruce Springsteen at Dodger Stadium, walking back to the car, we witnessed way more things that I wanted to believe that night.  

So, even though the cover of "Who's Next" shows the band urinating on a monolith, it doesn't mean that it is something you should do on the people in the row in front of you at a concert.  


Enjoy the show....