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Judas Priest Offers 15-Second 'Tease' For New Album

November 28, 2017

Although the next Priest album, 'Firepower' (the band's 18th) won't drop until March 2018, the heritage heavy-metal-ers have offered up a brief (15 second) "taste" of the new album's title track. "Firepower" is the band's follow up to '14's "Redeemer of Souls" album, and Priest fans should be delighted with the trademark screaming guitars,massive volume, and Rob Halford's familiar and aggressive vocals. For the new LP, Halford teamed with original Priest guitarist, Geln Tipton, and the newest addition to the band, Richie Faulkner, who joined up in 2011 after the departure of K.K. Downing. Of the new Priest music, Halford, in an interview said, "It's great. This is what Priest lives for. "We're a hard-working metal band still making the metal 40-odd years later, thanks to our glorious metal fans around the world. So we make music now, obviously, still for our own pleasure and enjoyment, and the challenge of finding a new riff and a new melody is always very … it's a great feeling."

The "Firepower" Tour rolls into the Memorial Coliseum April 17th.