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Criminal Masterminds...They Weren't

February 9, 2018

If you've listened to my show, you know I have a list of rules that I live by. They're all good things to know, but none are more important than Rule #1 and Rule #2. They never fail. Especailly in relation to criminals. 
Rule #1 - Everyone's an Idiot (we all end up pulling an idiotic move every now and then. It's just that criminals do it a lot more.)
Rule #2 - See Rule #1.

They never fail. It's with some embarassment (since I live there) I present today's evidence.

My imagined conversation between the two who came up with this idea; 

Person 1 - Oh man, my tag's about to expire and I don't have the money to renew it...
Person 2 - So just extend the date on the tag. No one's going to notice. It's just numbers...
Person 1 - Oh yeah! That's a good idea. Who's going to know? Cool!

Rule #1 & Rule #2 apply.