Terry Boyd's World "Book Of Records" Results!

January 5, 2018

The results are pouring in, and boy, are we impressed! Did you earn a spot in Terry Boyd's World "Book of Records?" Keep reading to find out!

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  1. Most golf clubs in the Molalla River - Terry Boyd               
  2. Most unused RCA cables/best at backing through a drive thru - Matt Wilcox
  3. Most Teeth lost in the upper Willamette River – Crowley
  4. Scaling playing cards - Pringle
  5. Most perfect consecutive births (13mo apart) - X
  6. Sucked his thumb for 55 years (he just quit) - Mike
  7. Getting busy with most women in one day (6) - Doug
  8. Receives oral better than anyone - Eric
  9. Martial arts for 20 years, 5 different styles, never made it past white belt - Terry
  10. Rolled 3 cars, all the same make - David
  11. Twins born on different days (Boy & Girl) - Samantha
  12. Most screw ups in life - Rick
  13. 44 years without a broken bone - Marco
  14. Most times evading the police - Frank   
  15. Most cassettes (over 5k) - Marco            
  16. Most visits from a fire department - Ken              
  17. Deaf person with biggest record collection (over 250K) - Terry
  18. Worst rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody - Kim
  19. Longest listener to KGON – Greg
  20. Most Jed Clampett like car on the road – Trucker Rob
  21. Sneeziest Trucker – Steve
  22. The most hoodie hoods cut off to use as toilet paper (about 25) while camping  - Jeremy
  23. Spud Gun Shooting Champ of NW – David
  24. Worst diner luck- take out, eat in, fast food or gourmet. I’ve gotten hair, plastic, bugs, an earring and the worst; a band aid – Emme
  25. 5 different Dennys restaurants for their free Birthday meals in 1 day – Scott
  26. In one leap I jumped over 8 "Miles" – John
  27. Vibrator held up the longest by a TSA agent – Tammy
  28. Caught cheating on SKYPE by his wife.  Accidently left it on. – Dwayne
  29. Largest illegal display of fireworks on the Willamette river, 24 years – Allen
  30. Late for work more times than anyone else (everyday) – Big Al
  31. Largest front slide on stomach after hitting a rock on his skateboard (100 feet) – Chris
  32. Missing thumb because his wife didn’t know how to operate a log splitter – Jack
  33. Lives on a plastic raft in the Lewis river amongst his floating marijuana grow – Ken (The Frogman)
  34. Saw Hendrix with Ike and Tina Turner in 1968 – Dennis
  35. 56 first cousins – Sonya
  36. Best man 5 times – Bill
  37. Best main street in America – Oregon City
  38. Most 4 leaf clovers on a forklift – Michael
  39. Surviving a samurai sword attack – Alex
  40. Survived being part of the deadliest catch fleet – Mike
  41. Most skin taken off in a skateboard crash – Chris
  42. Having the coolest man cave in a tough shed at 14 years old – Phoenix
  43. Largest age difference in a marriage, she is 35 and he is 70 – Leah
  44. Most time without taking a vacation (15 years 9 months) – Lenny
  45. Hit 21 time with a golf ball – Tim
  46. Most drinks thrown in face in one night – Allen
  47. Dumbest tattoo (severed pinky wearing a tutu) – Michael
  48. Caught cheating because he left Skype connected – Dwayne
  49. Broke neck in two places from diving into a river – Alan
  50. 5 different Denny’s restaurants for their free Birthday meals in 1 day – Scott
  51. Never late for work (10 years) – David
  52. Sold stolen cars to cops – Ben
  53. Burned down house cooking corndogs in Dallas OR – Corndog Dave
  54. Has over 2000 Pandas – Frances
  55. Being the most patient mom raising an autistic child – Barbra
  56. Uncapping a beer with his butt cheeks while slalom waterskiing (had a wetsuit on) – John
  57. Going to Woodstock at age 13 by way of his biker dad’s chopper – doesn’t remember much due to the wine he drank – John
  58. Went to 16 different BBQs in 3 days but was only invited to 2 – Tommy
  59. Knocked out 15 times – last time buy a hammer on a rope – Brian
  60. Fell off a cliff and survived by falling on old growth trees – Ray
  61. Gave us the first review of the Eagles show at Moda center – Kurt
  62. Took most flights in one day (10 commercial flights) – Ken
  63. Got beat up by Tonya Harding – Kay
  64. Perfect attendance in high school but later got a tattoo to not be so nerdy – Michelle
  65. Caught a Kangaroo bare handed in Stayton – Doug
  66. Took a squirt during a little league game, in front of the crowd and got a standing ovation - Bob
  67. E-Brake 180 at 100mph – Rory
  68. No belly button – Rodger
  69. Converted all of his friends into die hard Eagles fans; all it took was weed – Ryan
  70. Spelled “HI” in the toilet with her poop – Cathy
  71. Has the most stitches in his groin after snagging it on a barbed wire fence – Rich
  72. Turned 4 high school girl friends into lesbians – John
  73. Most Queen related Facebook posts to KGON Facebook – Carol
  74. 300 foot frozen turkey launch – Mike
  75. Streaking through a bowling alley then getting ditch by his friends – John
  76. Being a creature from outer space according to science – Octopus
  77. Riding a unicycle on the bar at Cedars lounge in Detroit OR…after a few drinks of course –Harold
  78. Most expensive booger – Jason
  79. Most White Castle wrappers in the backseat of a Nova – Allen
  80. Ice skated over a mile during the winter storm of ’78 to get to work – Debbie
  81. The clicker bandit – changed channels on neighborhood televisions – Jeff
  82. Best airport 6 years in a row – PDX
  83. Most rockin’ Bluesfest ever – Bluesfest 2018 (George Thorogood)
  84. First drink inspired by Joan Jett – Blackheart (new bar on SW Belmont)
  85. First baseball team to have some be hit with the first pitch rather than throw the first pitch – Portland Pickles
  86. The only person to put a pitchfork through her shoe, into her foot and out the other side.  She was stuck to the ground – Laurie
  87. World’s best drain cleaner – Thomas
  88. 1st person in Oregon to play Mario Brothers – Dave
  89. Jumped off the cliff in Acapulco at 2AM then talked 3 drunk friends to do it as well – Mike
  90. Scaling playing cards - Steve Pringle
  91. Most Driving TICKETS received from police, in a single 20 min trip (17) – Maynyrd
  92. Only person to every be threatened by the NCAA with lifetime banishment from every NCAA event for "playing" my trombone – George
  93. Having the most police backup called to issue a jaywalking ticket – Brian
  94. In the first 15 years worked at a golf club was hit 21 times with a golf ball – Tim
  95. Owns every album Lyle Lovett has recorded and seen him perform live 20 times – Julie
  96. In the Army in Germany in the 70s could drink a 1 liter bottle of Coca-Cola the fastest (2.7 seconds) – Don
  97. Best harmonica playing road worker – Mike
  98. Most aggressive car window roller downer – Barbra
  99. Only husband that is always right (according to his wife) – Steve
  100. 16 fumbles in a collegiate football game – Lon
  101. Driving a police car for 2 miles with a suction cup dildo on the hood – Officer Dildo
  102. Clowning inmates – Chris
  103. Most broken football helmets – Richard
  104. Largest disposable lighter collection – Darren
  105. Only person in his family to see a herd of Turtles – Pat
  106. Pop top memorial – Carl
  107. Lamborghini at 177MPH (it was a rental) – Bob
  108. Longest fart – Jeff
  109. 42 MPH in reverse (it was a rental) – David
  110. Suspended first day of Jr year for smoking weed – Fred
  111. 50 year anniversary of The Doors first number 1 hit “Hello, I love you” – Robby Krieger of The Doors
  112. Human squirrel – Morgan
  113. Shock Jock (literally) – Owen
  114. Known as the mustard man trying to break a bone for every year he is alive – Jerry
  115. Biggest military bar tab – Jason
  116. Wrote a book about his cat – Ron and Matahari
  117. Biggest wet suit malfunction – Dougie
  118. Lowest altitude military parachute deployment – Scott
  119. Gave his 5th grade class diarrhea – Bob
  120. Only person to touch John McLoughlin’s casket – Mike
  121. Went to Lori land for Halloween – Ryan
  122. Made first network 3g call in the state of Oregon – Mark
  123. Never been pulled over by a cop – Jamie
  124. Pulled over by Johnny Law 4 in less than 8 miles – Trucker Rob
  125. Best cereal of all time – Cap N’ Crunch
  126. Hit in the chest with a javelin – Martin
  127. In a lama stamped in kindergarten – Sarah
  128. 7 documented cases of chicken pox – Joe
  129. 2018 Adult soapbox derby champion – Chris Kouba
  130. Got a seagull high – Vino
  131. Fastest female team in 2018 Hood To Coast – Goats N’ Roses
  132. Beat cancer and turned into one of Portland’s most prolific graffiti artists – KEMO
  133. Car hood and Max surfing down HWY 84 – Shawn
  134. One mile wheelie down the Florence sand dunes on a quad – Kevin
  135. First herbal reverend – Shane
  136. Being in Steve Lukather’s book (TOTO) – Kathleen
  137. 3 days in the same clothes to catch all the football.  College through MFB – Carlos
  138. Only person in family to join the mile high club – Trucker Andy
  139. Bullseye dart player – Kody
  140. Gave a pig an enema – Fast Wolf
  141. Diving 105 feet into the Columbia river – Karry
  142. Air biscuit prankster of Portland – Joe
  143. “The Comcast 3 in 1 hook up – Good time Karen
  144. Flew airplane backwards over a runway – Chuck
  145. Ran herself over – Barbra
  146. Hang a hanger thought his nose – JR
  147. Accidently created a LGBTQ community -  Heather
  148. Shot self in the heart with a pellet gun – Anonymous
  149. Struck by a bald eagle while riding motorcycle – Robert
  150. Created “The Nasty Quickdraw” – Curtis
  151. Extreme nomad – Has moved 108 times – JoAnn
  152. “Clean Stick Award” 600 licks on a tootsie pop – “Bama” Ken
  153. Riding a motorcycle with a broken leg and a Hoffmann device – “East Side” Lee
  154. Put toe in friend’s mom’s butt – Dougie
  155. Greatest comeback from bad situation – missed ZZTop/karaoke with Billy Gibbons – Mountain Mike
  156. The show must go on – Finished play before getting foot amputated – Mark
  157. Only guy to broadcast his sexual prowess over baby monitor – Bob
  158. Got hit by a deer on his motorcycle – Kept the bike up the whole time – Sandy
  159. Brush with President George H.W. Bush at the Benson hotel – Steve
  160. Making a quilt from the t-shirts of all the concerts he won tickets to from KGON – Jimmy
  161. Made a bong out of a papaya while living in Hawaii – Tony
  162. Carolina Reaper near death – Logan
  163. Electrocuted and life flighted day after 9/11 (escorted by F16) – David
  164. Throwing a motorcycle off the Fremont bridge twice – David
  165. Having the most familiar face – Frankie D
  166. Having the worst mouth – 7 teeth pulled/10 fillings – “Mary”
  167. Skinny dipped in the emerald pool on Wizard Island in Crater Lake - Tim
  168. Survived 3 major earthquakes; Alaska, Bay area, and Seattle Memorial day quake - Jeff
  169. Burning down an island on the Willamette River - Steve
  170. Getting freaky in a train in a park downtown; have the bruises to prove it. - Debbie
  171. Escaping death in head on collision with a horse - Roy
  172. Hole in one first week of playing golf - Dwayne
  173. Smoked weed on the White House roof – Willie Nelson
  174. Making boob & penis cakes – Toni
  175. Most responsible person in the world – Aaron
  176. Chasing a “Dirtnado” – Rick
  177. Traffic watch pilot at 16 years old – Mighty Mark
  178. Sticking it to HS counselor that said she wouldn’t be a nurse – Angie
  179. Partied so hard he broke his own neck – Tony
  180. Partied so hard he woke up on wrong side of town not knowing where he was – Steve
  181. Partied so hard she woke up under her porch – Diane
  182. Partied so hard he woke up in a pasture with cow licking face – Dirk
  183. Partied so hard he peed on friends legs – Doug
  184. Partied so hard he woke up in St. Lewis - Scott
  185. Partied so hard he shipped his buddy off to destinations unknown – Todd
  186. Partied so hard he got kicked out of same Blazer game twice – Slinger
  187. Walked in on parents at the Ace of Hearts swingers club – Sharron
  188. Got to visit 3 countries in one day on birthday (gift from 25yr old son) – Roger
  189. Got caught taking care of biz in front of a heater; forever known as “Heater Beater” – Josh
  190. Thought about stealing the Concord airplane in Seattle.  It was running with nobody there – Radio Cab Mike