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Beer, Sausage and Be Merry, Dammit!

Hola Bitcholas, Forgot about doing a blog today...and Robin JUST asked me, "is there a blog today?" There is. I'll keep it simple; we're looking for any and every recipe you have come up with that involves our beers or sausage. Chili, dip, bread, sandwiches...doesn't matter to us, we just wanna get... Read More
Ozzy Osbourne x Mac Sabbath

That Time Ozzy Osbourne Met The Fast Food Tribute Band Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath is a band of fast food misfits, sent through space and time to warn you about the dangers of government controlled food. They are not the first to concern themselves with what you eat, but they are the first we know of to do so to the tune of your favorite Black Sabbath songs. Also, did... Read More
Nickelback recording artist Chad Kroeger performs during halftime of the Thanksgiving game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field.

Watch Deadpool Angrily Defend Nickelback

By: Anthony Capobianco Everyone likes to pile on Nickelback , and Deadpool has had enough of it. While recreating the famous bedtime story scene from The Princess Bride with Fred Savage, Deadpool goes on a savage defense of the Canadian rockers after Savage called them "over-produced ear garabge."... Read More

Google Shares the Top Global Searches of 2018

How often do you Google something? Well, the search engine tool is now taking you through 2018 by sharing the top global trends that occurred on the site this year. Google has provided the top 5 list in the over all searches, musicians and bands, people, news, movies, and loss categories. In... Read More
Metallica in 2017

Metallica Gives $1 Million To Community Colleges Around The U.S.

Between California wilfire relief, support for local food banks and other charitable initiatives, Metallica's All Within My Hands foundation has been doing incredibly generous community work since launching nearly two years ago. Just this week, the band announced that it was supporting community... Read More
Fir tree, decorative cone, sweets, and gifts for holidays.

8 Unexpected Places to Find Holiday Gifts

Choosing unique gifts for all of your loved ones can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task. No matter how tough it seems, do not resort to just giving socks! Unless they have little avocados on them. To help you find customizable, thoughtful, and unexpected gifts to fit everyone, here’s a... Read More

Carpenters Release New Album with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Nearly 50 years after their breakout success with the Burt Bacharach and Hal David-penned hit ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’, 18 of t he Carpenters’ timeless songs are getting the orchestral treatment. The new album, titled Carpenters With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, pairs the original... Read More

Prince’s Estate Announces Three New Album Reissues

In August, Prince’s estate in partnership with Sony’s Legacy Recordings released 23 albums from the late musician’s NPG Records catalog, to streaming services. This treasure trove included a number of rare post 1995 releases, many of which were initially only issued to his fan club via mail-order... Read More

Vote For Your Favorite Rockin' Holiday Album

The countdown to Christmas is on, and the sounds of the season are becoming more prevalant everywhere you go. Most of what you hear is probably from a classic album like Nat King Cole 's The Christmas Song or something new from the world of top 40 like John Legend 's A Legendary Christmas . But we... Read More